Why Get An Area Rug Appraisal?

Many clients who seek a an area rug appraisal have either inherited a rug from a family member, passed down from generation to generation, or have purchased a piece specifically for its artistic impression that it ads to a room decor similar to a painting you might hang on your wall.  In either case hand-knotted, imported rugs can hold great value and should be appraised for replacement value with your home owner’s insurance policy in the event some sort of damage would occur.

What Contributes to a Rug’s Value?

Authentic, high-quality, hand-woven rugs can last for centuries if well cared for over the years.  Particular things our Appraisers take into consideration include:

  • the quality of the knotting and weave
  • the age and country of origin
  • the quality and consistency of the dye
  • the overall condition of the rug being free of excessive wear patterns, stains and damage
  • the authenticity of the design and materials used

Call Asadorian for a Rug Appraisal

Our family has been in the rug business for generations.  Our expert appraisers have over 30 years unmatched knowledge for hand-knotted rugs and is  well known and trusted throughout the St. Louis area and the United States for appraisal, repairs and sales. Featured in “Trash or Treasure” as an expert rug appraiser, our team is sought after by major insurance companies, estate planning companies, estate sales companies and anyone who is curious about the value of their heirloom rug.  Verbal Rug Appraisals are always free.  We do charge a small fee for a written appraisal used for value replacement.  Written appraisals will include the identification of age, type and, country of origin. Your legal appraisal will also include a description and assessment of the condition and knot count.

We consider your heirloom rug investment and strongly suggest that you protect it. Appraisals do just that.

If you prefer, you can call the Store at 314-695-5209; however, using the form below allows your specific be routed to the appropriate person for a return call.  One of the staff will typically reply within 24 business hours. – Thank you!

Persian Rug Appraisal - Asadorian Rug Company St. Louis
Vintage Rug Appraisal - Asadorian Rug company ST Louis

Customer Reviews

“I have relied on Asadorian Rug for their rug selections and appraisals for the past 10 years or better. Every time I purchase a rug for a room design, I have them include the written appraisal. The added value it gives to my clients for their insurance benefit is a bonus they rarely expect!” – D. Schultz

“When I meet with new home owners looking for home insurance, I ask them about their valuables in the home. If they have an Oriental Rug, I always recommend Asadorian. They have always been reliable and easy to work with and are well trusted in the Insurance industry. “ – J. Thomas

“When I inherited my mother’s Oriental Rug, I was told it had been in the family for years. It was in good condition, but we were really unsure how valuable it was and uncertain if we wanted to use it or keep it stored. Stephen came out, gave us a verbal appraisal, assuring us it was a good rug, but not something priceless we should keep that protected. He even helped us get it set-up in the family room! He was awesome to work with!” – T. Bowers