Area Rug Cleaning in St. Louis

Hand-woven area rug cleaning is a special process, unlike that of cleaning traditional carpets.  With four-generations of experience handling the delicate nature of hand-knotted rugs, the Asadorian’s know the extra measures to take to ensure that your antique Oriental or Persian rug gets the approprite care to retain it’s long-term value.

Avoid stuffing your area rug in the back seat or trunk of your car.  The Asadorian’s make getting your area rug cleaned or serviced simple! Simply call their Maryland Heights showroom and their staff will come to you, collect your rug, perform the necessary service, and return it to you better than before!

We use a custom crafted cleaning formula (created by Stephen’s Great Grandfather in the 1920’s) that is both dye-free and scent-free, to reduce damage to the integrity of the color of your rug.  We then soak, pre-treat and hand-wash each rug using this formula to ensure a quality cleaning, removing stains along the way.   We take extra care to air-dry your rug to eliminate risk of shrinking.  While a little more tedious then other methods, we feel that a personalized brushing reduces stress on the fibers and is truly the best way to care for your area rug.

With our special antimicrobial wash, our deep cleaning serice on your area rug can improve the health of your home!  We take extra special care to wash and rinse the fibers and fringe to ensure allergens like dust and pet dander are safely removed from your rug fibers and seams that regular vacuuming can leave behind.  If you have members of your family that suffer from allergies, we recommend scheduling regular cleaning service for your rug to help reduce the buildup of allergens and create a cleaner environment for everyone to enjoy.

In addition to the regular hand-washing process, pet stains require an extra enzyme wash to remove any staining or odor absorbed by the wool fibers.  The enzyme bath actually breaks down the urine residue in the rug fibers and releases them as a gas.   In our experienc, this is the single most effective way to eliminate pet urine and other stubborn stains. (Optional Service)

Moths are hazardous to your Oriental Rug, and if left untreated, can create costly damage.  If your rug has previous moth damage, visible eggs, webbing, insect shells, susceptible to moths, or is going to be stored for more than three months, mothproofing should be an investment added to the rug washing process. The rug will be soaked with are plant-based mothproofing solution. Our mothproofing is non-toxic, safe for pets and children. It is not a poison and it does not kill moths.  Instead it deters them and keeps them from eating your wool rug.  This treatment will last up to two years on wool and should be reapplied every two years as a preventative measure. (Optional Service)

If requested, a fabric protector can be applied to your area rug prior to drying.  Our fabric protector is specifically designed for wool rugs and will not discolor the delicate dyes.  The benefit is that it will help prevent future stains that can occur from spills or regular foot traffic without changing the feeling or look of your rug. (Optional Service)

Trust Our Area Rug Cleaning Experts

The Asadorian family has been in the rug business for generations.  One of the key lessons that has been handed-down from generation-to-generation is “do things the right way”.  This strategy has built life-long, trusted relationships with familes who have handed down their treasured rugs through their family, and whom they still serve today.  Each customer they serve is treated like an extension of their own family.

Cost for Area Rug Cleaning

Based on the size and condition of your area rug, the time included to prepare, clean, repair and preserve the rug may vary.  It is best to contact the office for a free estimate on the cost based on the rug size and condition.  Be sure to watch for Specials offered to help you save on the regular maintenance of your rug.

Request an Area Rug Cleaning Estimate

If you prefer, you can call the Store at 314-695-5209; however, using the form below allows your specific be routed to the appropriate person for a return call.  One of the staff will typically reply within 24 business hours. – Thank you!

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Customer Reviews

“Asadorian SAVED our rug! The damage our dogs did to it was embarrassing. I must’ve had hundreds of “loops” the dogs pulled loose while running around and Steve repaired each one. Looks brand new!” – C. Herzog

“Asadorian saved my area rug! I have 5 animals who definitely don’t care about keeping our living room rug looking nice. Between the mud, hairballs and upset stomachs, I thought for sure that my black and white rug was a ruined. But the team at Asadorian cleaned our rug and it looks absolutely brand new! You can’t even tell it was in a house of pets! I absolutely recommend them.” – C. Henry

“I have dealt with Asadorian for 25 years, and they are courteous, knowledgeable, and most importantly, scrupulously honest. Their prices are very fair, and they know their carpets. I have complete trust in the company and the family.” – S. Khodamoradi