Oriental Area Rug Repair

The most common area rug repair on Oriental, Persian, or Indian style rugs begin with the end – where the Fringe is.  Fixing any fringing in poor condition should be a priority. Because the ends secure the weave of the knots, broken fringe or open ends can cause the wool strands in a woven rug to unravel in the body of the rug. Unraveling of the rug fibers will cause the rug will start loosing value if knots are lost.

There are a few different options in securing the ends of your oriental rug. For a minor repair, an experienced Weaver can sometimes make a few select stitches to secure loose threads.  But for ends that need more attention, they may suggest a specific technique called Zangari. The Zangari technique involves unraveling the end to revealing a portion of the foundation, to then use a crochet needle and hand-weave a wool yarn braid across the entire end of the rug. This is the most durable and long-term fix. Depending on the type of rug, it may also be suggested to sew fringe under or use a cloth tape binding to better finish the edge. It is best to have your rug seen by an experienced Rug Weaver to determine the best solution to retain the overall value.

The sides are identified as the ends without the fringe. Although less urgent then the ends, the sides should be secured well to prevent further damage and potential loss of value. Depending on the extent of the damage, the Rug Weaver will determine if a small patch can be made or if the whole side will need to be replaced.  If the whole side needs replacement, you will need the expertise of a Rug Weaver to match the yarn and carefully hand-sew the side, removing any damage, and re-wrapping it securely.

Tears or rips on an oriental rug can be repaired by sewing the rug together from the foundation. Approaching repairs from underneath the surface, will often leave the stitching necessary to fix the tear, hidden from eyesight, and will help retain the rugs value.

Low spots are identified by the pile being low or the wool threads missing altogether, revealing the cotton or in some cases, the wool foundation. This can be caused by years of wear or moth damage. To repair low spots, an experienced Weaver will need to attach the rug to a loom and essentially re-knot the rug. This process requires the ability to match the wool to the existing design.  If an exact match is not found, the Weaver may need to create a match by custom-dying new wool to match perfectly. They will take extra care to sheer the wool to match pile height. In most cases, your rug can be restored to its original beauty with an undetectable repair.

A full restoration of your area rug is necessary when a hole is present that goes all the way through the rug destroying the rug’s foundation. Similar to repairing low spots, the rug would be placed on a loom, threading matched or created, and then the Weaver would essentially re-knot the wool yarn onto a new foundation patched to the existing foundation.  Expert Weavers are skilled to keep the same intricate pattern and design as the original and know the varied techniques used to match the pile height to the rest of the rug. This method of expert repair will be undetectable and help maintain the value of your investment.

The wool part of Oriental or Persian Rugs can typically handle some water damage; however, it is the cotton foundation that becomes compromised by excessive exposure to water causing dry-rot. In this case, an expert Weaver can reinforce the cotton foundation securing the wool knots preventing them from falling out. In larger areas, re-weaving may be necessary to restore the integrity of the rug and its overall value.

Trust our Oriental Rug Experts

With nearly a decade of experience, the Asadorian family has been trusted for area rug repair by both families in the St. Louis area and by Rug Dealers from across the United States.  They are sought out by antique dealers in the region for their knowledge on rug appraisal and know first-hand measures to maintain the value of an Oriental Rug.  Be sure to watch for Specials offered to help you save on the repair of your rug.

Cost for Rug Repair

As you might imagine, there are many things to be considered when identifying the repari cost of a rug including the rug type, size and the extent of the damage.  It is best that an expert on Oriental or Persian-style rugs evaluate your rug and give you a personal recommendation on the best strategy to take to both minimize further damage, repair the damage, and maximize the value of your investment.  Asadorian Rug Company St. Louis, offers in-home area rug repair estimates and will pick-up and deliver your rug once the repairs have been completed.

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Oriental Area Rug Repair = Asadorian Rug Company St. Louis
Oriental Area Rug Repair = Asadorian Rug Company St. Louis

Customer Reviews

“The Asadorian’s saved my area rug!  It had begun to unravel from the side after one of our dogs went through a chewing phase.  I thought it was done for, but they repaired it and you can’t tell there was every any damage.  Thank you… you saved a family heirloom.” – J. Long

“After taking my rug out of storage from a move, there was damage on one end from what we suspected as mice.  I went there to buy a new rug and explained what happened.  We brought it in for their review and turned out there was moth larve around the damaged areas.  They cleaned it, repaired it and it’s just like new!  Thank you, Stephen, for saving my rug!” – J. White

“Great company to work with. Very professional and knowledgeable of their product. Prices are reasonable and service is great. Highly recommend Asadorian Rug Co!” – J. Koester